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Good planning is key to your success





Posgi Video Planning


Have a better video with a better plan
Everything starts with an idea and plan. Good planning and management allow everyone in the team know what to do. Posgi is here to assist you to excel in delivering a clear message in a video with step by step planning.



What you’ll get in Posgi Video Planning?


Video Script

Shot List


Project Schedule

Equipment List

Crew List

Prop List


Location List

Location Scouting

Talent Sourcing


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 More Relevant
Send close to heart message to your customers. Tell them your key message straight away with the style close to your brand.

 Better Idea
Grab your customers attention with unique way for your brand. Get creative and innovative idea from Posgi.

 Clearer Message
Let your customers know the value which your business is providing. Allow them to understand clearly the message which you want to tell them.

 Better Video
Present your message with an engaging way. Fast pace, but message is crispy clear.


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