Video Recording and Editing Service For Your Business

Grow your marketing video with us. Publish your videos on your website, social media and Youtube channel.


 Be Relevant
Send close to heart message to your customers on digital platforms. Tell them your key message straight away with the style close to your brand.

Reach up to 1 million audience worldwide. Let more people find out more about your business through video.

 Clearer Message
Let your customers know the value which your business is providing. Allow them to understand clearly the message which you want to tell them.

Use visual, interview, and music to present your marketing message. Fast pace, but message is crispy clear.



Wieggles Uses Video to Market The Product

Running an e-commerce business isn’t easy but it has to face many competitors. To engage online customers, Wieggles believes that video is the way to market their products. To produce a marketing video, we went through scriptwriting, video planning, video shooting and video editing.


Our members are raving about the quality of the videos & just as importantly our team can’t stop talking about how caring & professional the team was with them during the shooting of the videos. Posgi team’s patience, advice & guidance were exemplary.


Choose your option:


  • 4-hour Video Recording Session
  • 4-hour Video Editing Session
  • 1 location
  • 1 Minute Video
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  • 8-hour Video Recording Session
  • 8-hour Video Editing Session
  • 1 location
  • 2 Minutes Video

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  • 8-hour Video Recording Session
  • 16-hour Video Editing Session
  • 1 location
  • 3 Minutes Video

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