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Why Every Business Should Implement Story Marketing

Find me somebody who does not like a good story. Stories are the essence of effective advertising, that’s why studying the science and art of storytelling goes a substantial way for anyone having an impacted schedule. Stories are encoded using a rhythm that’s both souls pleasing and comfortable. They perpetuate cultures and traditions. They’re reminiscent of childhood. They scrape a primal itch. Stories are memorable. Our brains deflect fragmented pieces of information but absorb information that’s organized in logical and discernable patterns there into a broader meaning. Malcolm Gladwell is among the very best storytellers. He could draw us into a narrative about subjects as mundane as ketchup using anecdotes coupled with artful rhetoric, which he overlooks increasingly over a story arc which builds suspense and participation in the resolution of a plot.

There’s little doubt that he’s a unique gift, but the character of what he does isn’t all that unique. Storytelling is an art, but its a science. Whenever we understand the blueprint, our brains we whirr throughout the telling of the story. We’re hooked, almost physiologically. German playwright Gustav Freytag described storyline arrangement that follows five acts: The exposition, that sets the context – Growing action, which sets up the battle – Climax, that’s the increased state of participation with the battle – action, which sets the resolution up – Denouement, that’s the resolution and, often, the lesson from the journey.

Blueprint for storytelling – This is this blueprint for every story you have heard. Its this formula for Hollywood blockbusters, supermarket potboilers, these canons of great literature, the script of non-fiction and, in my view, the very best marketing. Lets apply it to the marketing challenge: You serve a market which has a need – That is currently unmet by incumbent solutions – Which creates all kinds of problems for your target client – Fortunately, your solution is available to uniquely to this need – meaning that all kinds of good things mature for your target customer. The end.

Obviously, this is not especially intriguing by itself. The basic structure of the narrative is needed, but not sufficient for the goal to create emotional involvement. Art fills the gap. If science is structural, the artwork is sensorial. While some of these are subject to innate talent and aptitude, I believe every business can become more skilled and effective in how they communicate.

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