We Value 3 Things

Communication – Relationship – Growth

About Posgi

Posgi is a video marketing company that focuses on clients’ business needs. It was founded in 2014 by a film and television graduate, Lim Yong Kim, and we are your partners in working smarter, not harder. Business decision-makers know that great data holds great power. With sufficient data, you can make decisions better and faster.

At Posgi, we value communication as it helps you and I to clarify your business goals and current challenges. With the clarity of the goal, we can execute your marketing activities on your behalf. You know that success doesn’t build in one night because it requires trust. When we have a healthy relationship, you can expect growth on your business.

In a growing digital age, those businesses that implement video marketing strategy get more customers in the long run. Consumers’ purchase behavior is constantly changing. Strong brand awareness and a clear message can influence their buying decision. We believe that the right videos at the right place shown to the right people, it can help you to win more customers.

Why Posgi?

We devote the time to understand your business to develop a marketing strategy that works.

What is Our Vision?

We want to partner with our clients to engage the audience on multiple self-own media platforms.

The Meaning of The Name

The name Posgi is brief writing of possible gifts. We are a “gift shop” to you for your potential customers. Send them a gift, and they can buy your products.

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