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Why Posgi is here?
Provide an analytical perspective to overcome your business challenges


Lim Yong Kim

Grace Nair
Senior Copy Writer

Ryan Ooi
Web Development

James Lee

Geoffrey Cheong
Video Production



Provide values to local communities

Develop solutions beyond expectation

Achieve objectives appropriately



What does Posgi do?

Provide marketing solutions to clients.


Why Posgi?

We find underlying causes of your business challenges and offer marketing ideas from a customer’s perspective.


What is Posgi hoping to see?

Sustain a healthy business community.



The name, Posgi, comes from possible gift. It helps you to present a possible gift to your most possible people. While we can buy gift for our self, it is more meaningful when we buy gift for other people. Indeed, it is much more meaningful for people who receive the gift.


Posgi Media is currently based in Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
We’ll be happy to hear from you. Update us your most important objectives.
In case you have any query, feel free to chat with us at idea@posgi.com