Data Analytics

Getting Insights From Your Data To Make Better Decisions

Maximizing Your ROI

Many managers agree that we can’t improve what we don’t measure. To improve one thing, we need to know where we are at the moment. To know our current state, we need the information to communicate. When communication occurs, teamwork is enabled. In many cases, teamwork drives the marketing result.

If you are looking to get the most of the return of investment, you need to have a clear goal in mind, know how to get there, and tweak little changes to improve the performance. Those are not easy tasks, and that’s why we are here for you. To optimize your marketing results, we need to track from the beginning to the end of digital marketing activities. Powerful tools such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Hubspot, and Zoho are helpful to know the progress of your marketing activities and give you insights to make the next decisions. Based on the metrics assigned, you can know the effectiveness of the efforts.

1. Setting Your Goal

Whether you want to increase leads, inquiries, appointments, walk-ins, or online sales, we will help you define a specific and measurable target. The goal will be the direction of our strategy, discussions, and activities. It is much more focused and efficient in terms of placing resources and energy to run your marketing activities.

2. Track The Important Metrics

Once your goal is defined, it’s best to set the preceding metrics that will lead to your ultimate goals. If your goal is to increase online inquiries, we need to measure the number of website visitors. Hence, your website visitor number is one of the important metrics to increase online inquiries. Of course, there are many metrics to measure and I cannot cover them here. It depends on the strategy implemented.

3. Evaluate The Strategy

When all the measurements are in place and kicked off, we can look at the reports to know the results in almost real-time. At this time, agility is key to enhance your marketing result. Our team will analyze the effectiveness and tweak the areas that are not performing well. We can enhance and adjust your budget to the campaign which is the most effective to achieve your goal.

Improve Your Performance With Posgi

With a digital marketing tracking system implemented, you have an informed mind to make the next decision for your organization. A comprehensive data can give you insights about your business in almost real-time.

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