Artificial Intelligence for Small Businesses

We’ve been conditioned to think of Artificial Intelligence systems as a futuristic, but malevolent force, that, once it reaches consciousness, plans on how it’s going to exterminate humans. “I’m sorry Dave, I’ll take over your job.” “I can do that 3 times faster than you did” “I can work non-stop” While each of those quotes is familiar, they’re ultimately fearful and bring up visions of what machines can do to humans once they take control. While there are several very real ethical considerations that need to be addressed for the future of AI, the fact is that real AI isn’t like its portrayed in these movies.

AI as it actually exists is not quite ready to take on the world, but it’s ready to take over some tasks in your company. Just as Dr. Alfred Lanning said in I, Robot, you must ask the right questions so, too, do we need to fail to pose the correct questions regarding what Artificial Intelligence Systems can and will mean for the future of small businesses. We might not have hover vehicles or Jetson style robot to cook and clean for us, but there are many thrilling possibilities for the applications of AI in business. Just do not ask Skynet for any help.

Who may take benefit of Artificial Intelligence Systems? As you’ll come to understand while reading this piece, Artificial Intelligence systems aren’t just the toy of billionaires a la Ex Machina. While your business might not have the resources to create its own HAL, you may still go on one’s own odyssey to integrate existing AI services into your company. In Microsofts latest e-book entitled The Future Computed: Artificial Intelligence and Its Role in Society, they point out that the reality of today is that organizations of all sorts can tap to the power of the cloud to develop and run their AI systems.

Small and mid-sized businesses are just as ready to capitalize on the advantages of AI as larger enterprise businesses. Any organization, whether small or large, that uses and depends upon any form of data or info will see major benefits from the implementation of various AI technologies. What’s Artificial Intelligence? In a lot of ways, science fiction has given us a very negative picture of what artificial intelligence is: from robots turning on their masters since the hive mind deems mankind a threat, to robots trying to wipe out mankind, to a lethal malfunctioning computer that kills almost an entire spaceship crew.

But, science fiction aside, just what is Artificial Intelligence? In The Future Computed, Microsoft defines Artificial Intelligence system as a set of technology that allows computers to perceive, learn, reason and help in decision making to solve problems in ways which are comparable to what individuals do. For example, consider how Alexa and Siri are capable of making use of speech recognition and machine learning technology to feed us info that we ask for.

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