Case Study: Pheim and Posgi's Successful Virtual Conference Promoting Three New Funds

Posgi was approached by a fast-growing asset management firm, Pheim. The company was planning a virtual conference titled “Growing Your Wealth Through Pheim”, to attract new customers while engaging existing ones. Pheim had experienced remarkable success with their past investments and was now aiming to launch three new funds and provide an easy way for people to become part of the family. This was especially timely because the current economic climate had presented many investors with more profits and opportunities for Pheim to capitalize on.

The Posgi team got to work immediately, first conducting research to determine the target audience and potential stakeholders who could help spread the word about the event. With that data in hand, we planned and implemented a comprehensive digital marketing campaign created to reach that target audience.

Posgi went all out to ensure the success of the event. To ensure that the event would reach the desired target audience, we ran an advertisement campaign to generate registration. To make the process smoother, we built a landing page for the event and set up the event registration. We also sourced and managed the emcee for the day, as well as developed presentations, creatives, and a customized lucky draw system. Last but not least, we issued press releases to generate even more publicity for the event.

The event was a great success and we achieved many registrations. The turnout was good, and engagement levels were high, with participants leaving enthusiastic comments about the conference content. After the event, many major press media published news about the conference, and several media outlets interviewed the founding members.

Posgi’s creative strategies not only attracted new leads but also fostered trust and assurance in Pheim’s investments from current customers and received positive feedback from clients. Our team at Posgi takes great pride in helping our clients succeed and this was yet another example of what can be achieved with focused and integrated marketing campaigns.

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