Min Min T

As a child who was brought up in a family where my parents are English educated. I started to speak English earlier than most of my friends I know. When I reach the age where I need to start attending school, I was sent to a Chinese school where I started to pick up my Chinese. It is uncommon for this situation nowadays, I feel lucky to get to know both languages.

I started to help an NGO to translate their newsletter during the year 2009-2010 and also the year 2014-2016. As I help them to do their translation, I build up the passion for translating; I started to take up translation jobs in 2015, during this period, my translation skill begins to improve. The language pair that I do will be from English to Chinese and vice versa. The jobs that I usually take up will be a general article, business proposal etc.

While doing this translation job, some clients approach me and ask if I do copywriting, I decided to take up a copywriting course through a distance learning programme which I'm still doing it right now.

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