Facebook Live Streaming

I connect your DSLR camera to your Facebook account so that you can run live video professionally. Your camera must have HDMI clean output.

The camera is NOT included. You need to prepare a camera or get a videographer with a camera.

Locations covered:

  • TTDI
  • Bandar Utama
  • Mutitara Damansara
  • Damansara Perdana

I will bring my own laptop and a strong Internet connection is required. Please contact me if you have any questions

1) It includes 1-hour setup and 1-hour streaming service.

2) Location on limited to Bandar Utama, TTDI, Mutiara Damansara and Damansara Perdana. If the streaming location is outside the selected location, transportation fee may includes.

3) If slides and video will be used during the live video, please send it to me 6 hours prior the streaming time.

4) For good audio quality, 1 wireless mic is provided.

5) If you require a second mic, it is available at RM190.

6) If it exceeds the time, it is RM39 per hour.

7) If you require early setup, it is RM39 per hour.

8) Upon confirmation, the date and time cannot be postponed, cancel or reshoot.

9) A strong internet connection is required.

Why Choose Me?: I ran more than 40 live videos for individuals and teams on Facebook and Youtube.