Digital Trends in Malaysia for 2024

With the changing digital landscape and the ever-evolving marketing landscape in Malaysia, the possibilities for marketers to reach their target audience and grow are immense. From the increase in social media usage and video ad spending to the surge of radio audiences and the potential for travel-related products and services, Malaysia provides a wealth of opportunities for marketers to explore. Taking all of this into account, this post seeks to explore the digital trends in Malaysia for 2024 and how marketers can capitalize on these trends.

The Boom of Influencer Marketing

As Malaysian marketing teams continue to search for new avenues to reach their target audiences and drive customer engagement, their investments in influencers have risen dramatically. According to a recent report, there was an annual spending increase of 31.3% year-over-year in 2022 across Malaysia. This trend highlights the potential of influencer marketing and encourages marketers to explore the limitless opportunities that it offers. Marketers can capitalize on this rising trend and tap into wider reach and engagement, enabling them to get more out of their campaigns. With the ever-evolving marketing landscape and the innumerable influencer opportunities it offers, Malaysian marketing teams have a prime chance to stay ahead of the game.

Increase in Annual Spending on Video Ads

The marketing market in Malaysia has seen an impressive surge, with spending on video advertising increasing by a whopping 23.7% year-over-year in 2022. This is certainly a great sign for the industry, as businesses and marketers capitalize on the potential of video content within their marketing and advertising strategies. Video ads are a powerful tool to engage with potential customers and build brand recognition, so this increase in spending will surely go a long way in boosting marketing efforts in the Malaysian market. With more businesses focusing on video content and utilizing video ads, this will continue to benefit marketers as they look for new and innovative ways to capture their target audiences’ attention.

TikTok on a Rapid Rise

TikTok is seeing an increase in usage in Malaysia, with the platform being the favorite social media platform for 9.7% of users in 2021 and 15.8% of users in 2022. This is followed by higher monthly usage among internet users, with 53.8% tapping into the app in 2021 and 59.9% in 2022. Marketers looking to promote their products and services should consider taking advantage of this new trend and investing in ads on TikTok to reach a larger audience. Need a creative agency to plan and execute your content? Partner with an agency like Posgi.

Bing Gains Market Share

Bing is on the rise in Malaysia, as evidenced by an increase of 0.81 percentage points of web traffic referred by Bing from 2021 to 2022. In 2021, 1.56% of web traffic was referred by Bing, with the number jumping to 2.37% in 2022. This steady rise is showing that marketers should be taking note of Bing as a preferred source for searching and procuring online content. With Bing making up such a large portion of online traffic, it is certainly worth examining the potential marketing opportunities that Bing offers.

Increase in Travel Plans

Recently, internet usage in Malaysia has been steadily increasing which has been reflected in the search for places and travel on the web. According to recent data, in 2021, 47.7% of internet users in Malaysia researched places and travel online, with this figure increasing to 49.0% in 2022. This rise in the search for places and travel suggests that there could be an opportunity for profit for the travel and tourism industry in Malaysia, especially for travel-related products and services.

Bonus: Increase in Radio Audience Numbers

Malaysia has seen a leap in the number of radio listeners. According to research, internet users in 2021 spent an average of 55 minutes on broadcast radio. This number rose to 1 hour and 7 minutes in 2022. This growth presents an unprecedented opportunity for enterprises and marketers to increase their market share and reach new audiences. Businesses must evaluate this marketing opportunity and capitalize on the upcoming growth to maximize their success.

Through the exploration of Malaysia’s digital marketing trends for 2024, it is evident that there is a wealth of untapped opportunities for Malaysian marketers to get ahead in the industry. The growth in influencer marketing, the increase in video and radio commercials, and the potential for travel-related products and services demonstrate a greater opportunity to gain market share, build customer relationships and ultimately drive customer engagement. By leveraging these digital trends in the right way, Malaysian marketers will be able to stay ahead of their competition and maximize their success.

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