How To Communicate Effectively With Customers on Social Media

In Malaysia, 89.3% Internet users visit social networking sites. That’s a huge number and almost everyone is on social media. It’s insane. The thing is this, what does this mean to small business owners? How can small business owners leverage on technology to grow their business? Every small business owner agrees that their ultimate goal is to increase sales. Sales are the lifeline of any business. Without sales, no business is able to sustain for years. You see, sales come from relevant marketing activities.

When I say marketing, it simply means communicating to your target segment that your product or service has value to them. Once the message is delivered properly, and the target segment received your message, the marketing is done right. However, not many people aware that each environment has its own rules to communicate. They way you speak in a 1,000 audience seminar is very different from the way you speak to 2 people in a coffee shop. This concept applies to social media as well. It is very different on social media.