Information about Posgi

How it works

How it works

SMART Business Owners
For marketing use, SMART business owners may browse the services posted by creators on Posgi based on the listed categories. If you have found one particular service that you see fit, you may send a private message to the creator to check for his or her availability. Please tell your requirement in a very specific manner. 

If you find everything is good, please click Request to make a payment. The transaction won't happen until your creator click accept. Once your creator has accepted the request, he or she will start working on your marketing material. Depending on the listed category, you should be receiving the material within the timeline agreed between you and your creator. 

Viola! You get your marketing material in the most convenient way you ever knew. 

BIG Creatives
While you have the skills to create marketing materials for business owners, you publish a service post on Posgi. Only the recommended creators can publish service posts. All creators must use real and authentic personal name and profile photo. Company or team names are not allowed for now.

After the publication of your service post, be sure to check for new message or request. You will receive a notification on Posgi and via email.

Once you have accepted the request, depending on the service category, you may send a list of questions to receive information from your customer (eg: company name, business nature, etc). Be sure to deliver the service as you have agreed with your customer.