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    Creative Content
    We create content to deliver message to your audience impactfully
    Engage your audience with captivating videos
    Convey your message effectively with graphics
    Live streaming
    Let your audience participate in your event in real-time
    Present your product in high-quality photo
    Educate and inform your audience on the latest issues
    Media Strategy
    We get your content reached to the right audience at the right time for your brand
    Facebook Ads & Management
    Reach your audience effectively on 2nd most-used social media platform in Malaysia
    Instagram Ads & Management
    Get your campaign run on 3rd most-used social media platform in Malaysia
    TikTok Ads & Management
    Reach your audience on the uprising social media platform
    YouTube Ads & Management
    Let your videos watched by audience who can pay attention to your brand
    Search Engine Marketing
    Show your brand when your audience is looking for your products

    We believe in creating tailored campaigns by

    connecting your brand ethos and values with current trends in the digital world

    Acknowledge the power of impactful content that

    connect with people on an emotional level

    It’s Tough To Make It Work by Yourself.
    That’s where Posgi swoops in:
    Get a complete, Omni-channel Digital Marketing framework with multiple strategies for reliable success
    STAND OUT from your competitors with our complete market analysis to position you with top visibility
    Get a complete one-for-you solution – sit back and let a new flood of leads come to you!
    Ultimately, you spend less time and money on marketing

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