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Many marketers like you constantly need digital services to build their business. You can find and hire digitalists easily on Posgi. The detailed information on the service page aims to help you make an informed decision.
Why Buy on Posgi?
1. It's FREE to find the services you need.
2. It saves you time and money.
3. Manage all your projects and digitalists in one place.
4. Pay only the service your need on Posgi comfortably.
How To Start?
1. Choose the serivce you need on Posgi
2. Click "Order Now" on your chose service
3. Write a special message. (Optional)
4. Check out to make payment.
Customer Protection
Money Back Guarantee
We would like to provide all customers to get good experience in getting the services on Posgi. In case the service you ordered isn't delivered as promised, you as a customer are protected from such incidents.
Cases below are covered under the protection:
1. The service is delivered later than the promised time and date.
2. The service is not delivered as mentioned in writting. The argue case must be quantified.
For more information or inquiries, kindly contact us on [email protected]
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