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Online businesses like you can save more time and money by finding and buying services on Posgi. By outsourcing your tasks, you can focus on the matters that are important to you.
Why buy services on Posgi?
It's FREE to find the services you need.
It saves you time and money.
Manage all your projects and service providers in one place.
Pay only for the service your need on Posgi securely.
How to buy?
Step 1: Choose a serivce on Posgi
Step 2: Click "Order Now" on your chosen service
Step 3: Write a remark if you have any (Optional)
Step 4: Check out to make a payment
Step 5: Answer the questions provided by your seller
What protection do I get as a customer?
Money Back Guarantee
We would like to have our customers to enjoy good experience on Posgi. In case the service you ordered isn't delivered as promised, you as a customer are protected from such incident. Cases below are covered under the protection:
1. Seller isn't resposnsive
If you don't receive any reply or delivery after ordering, you can request for a full refund.
2. Your order is delivered late
If your seller delivered your order later than the promised time and date, you can request for a partial refund.
3. Your order is under-delivered.
If your seller isn't delivering the service as quantified, you can request for a partial refund.
If mentioned incidents take place, you may file a report and we will investigate further.
For more information or inquiries, kindly contact us on [email protected]
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