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If you are a Malaysian digitalist who has the skills to provide services to marketers, you should list your services on Posgi. Whether you are a designer, writer, translator, web developer, video editor, voice over artists or influencer, you can use Posgi system to manage your customers easily.
Why Sell on Posgi?
1. It's FREE to start
2. Manage all your customers and projects in one place
3. No paperworks for quotations and other documents
4. Get paid easily. Your customers can pay through a payment gateway on Posgi.
5. Build your portfolio on Posgi
6. Collect testimonials from your customers on Posgi
How To Start?
1. Sign up a new account
3. Add a new service
How Much is The Commission?
The best thing about listing your services on Posgi is it costs you nothing to start. When there are customers, a tiny fractions will be added onto your service fee. The commission is 10% of your fee with additional RM2 which cover for the payment gateway and to help us to build a better community for you.
Posgi Marketplace provides a platform for Marketers to find & hire Freelancers in Malaysia.
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