Search Engine Optimisation – A Way to Enhance Your Business

There are various aspects in regards to internet search engine optimisation. We also know that another important aspect is off page SEO whereby a great deal of effort and time is put in order to get quality inbound links to your site. These are all crucial elements of internet search engine optimisation and are the main part of any SEO specialists daily chores. One element of search engine optimization that may be easily overlooked is the construction of a website that isn’t just user-friendly but additionally searches friendly. By search friendly, we mean that the search engines can crawl and spur your site unimpeded that will allow it to extract all your content and in turn index it into the search engines database.
What use is getting thousands of inbound one-way links to your site, if your site isn’t user or search friendly? There are a variety of things worth contemplating when building a user and internet search engine friendly website. Use as much text as possible in the shape of HTML – search engines love plain text. They aren’t able to read images, video files, audio files or flash, so try to not use too much of those in your site design. One more thing to consider is that some sites make users log in order to view certain content or use a form to find content.

Both of those are bad. Spiders crawlers do not know how to log in to your site or fill out a form in order to find your content. So if you want your content to be indexed by the search engines, stay away from this. Structure your site well – this means making your site as flat as possible. Rather than structuring your site in a way a user has to click 10 times before reaching their target make the content a maximum of 4 clicks away or less. Design your site for users NOT search engines – just as much as possible treat the search engines as though they were human beings manually scanned your site for content to index.

The search engines job is to find relevant search data. When the internet search engine starts to discard Irrelevant results, that’s the time when it’s going to become out of favor with web users who’ll move onto another engine. Having great site content has several advantages like if your content is good and original, individuals will want to link to it and your site, so its a great way of building natural links that is something which Google likes. If you write good genuine creative content on your topic you will start to become an authority in your chosen field meaning more links and brand site awareness.

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