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Bring your sold-out events to audiences at home, the office, or on the go. Show them what they are missing out on to entice their turnup at the next event you are organising. The streaming live event also increases visit among your Facebook followers and YouTube subscribers – they receive a prompt each time you go live. This also means that your page or channel will receive regular visits in the future. When shared with their friends, online streaming of your events entice new followers and subscribers increasing your potential reach over time.
Focus on Delivering Your Event, We'll Handle the Streaming
Running an event is challenging enough. Adding Live Stream into the mix makes it more complicated: you have to take additional steps, tools, and measures to ensure a smooth experience for those at the event and those tuning in from elsewhere. Don’t miss out on the opportunity let us handle the Live Streaming for you. We’ll prepare the equipment, software, and take care of the related tasks.
Expand Your Reach with Facebook, YouTube, or Zoom Streaming
Many content shared during the events are often never seen again after entering storage at the corner of the office. After the event is over, your live stream is kept on your Facebook Page or YouTube Channel. This archive creates a portfolio which you, your future participants, and possible clients can showcase your capabilities in delivering amazing events. Indirectly this also positions your brand as a go-to specialist for similar events or subject matter.
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Connecting all the dots is complex, but we make it simple.

Why Live Stream your Event?

Nothing can compare to being at an event in person. However there are other advantages that live streaming can provide. Live streaming helps event organisers like you tackle that issue of limited event space. More people are able to experience the event remotely via their mobile devices or computers in real time. If the event is part of a series, live steaming can also be used as a marketing method to entice more participation during the upcoming event – by showing prospective visitors what they’re missing out.

Before the live stream, it is imperative that promotion be done to encourage viewers, especially those who could not make it in person, or after tickets are sold out.

The different setups create different viewer experience. A single camera setup is ideal where there is minimal movement within the frame. Double and Triple camera setups give a more dynamic experience which allows focus on one member of a panel or brand. This technique is similar to talk shows and discussions on television.

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The team was friendly and knowledgeable about the tasks we requested for.
- Louis, Creative Director, Untitled Films
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- Kamarul, Clinical Education Specialist, GE Healthcare

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