Social Media Management For Your Brand

Building A Scalable Marketing Machine

The idea of social media management is attracting the right customers for your business, in contrast to running advertisements that are considered more aggressive. So, social media management is inbound, and ads are outbound. In terminology, some marketers use the word “inbound marketing.”

All types of businesses, more so small and growing businesses can profit from these inbound marketing efforts. Every business needs to be involved in marketing, whether for their products or services. But which area of marketing is most useful? Most traditional marketing tactics are much too costly for smaller businesses and startups to adopt. This is the reason inbound marketing and its various methods are ideal for all businesses especially growing businesses.

It’s About Getting The Right Customers For Your Business

Inbound marketing is a technique. Inbound marketing’s thrust is to attract the target audience to your business rather than making cold-calls to find these customers. Outbound marketing, on the other hand, covers email listings, cold-calls, outdoor ads, and direct mailers.

Content marketing or inbound marketing uses searches for traffic, email listing, and web content to attract customers. Inbound marketing is the top method for any business today. There are five content marketing methods that can boost the growth of start-ups and small businesses:

Attracting The Right Suspects

Create a series of content that your target market likes the most. Throughout the content, it explains all about your business, provides value, and builds trust with your large target market.

Registering Your Visitors

Content marketing is almost the same as running a business event. You register your visitors so that you can keep in touch with them. This registration emphasizes permission for communicating with your visitors. Extend that invitation and concentrate on your target market. Use this registration constantly on your website to increase business leads.

Engaging Your Leads

Building a list of leads is a must if you want to scale up your business. When you generated leads it’s not viable to leave your leads away from your business. For any veteran business owners, they know that building a relationship with customers is vital in a successful business. Your business stands out when you engage the correct leads.

Selling Your Product or Service

Business growth has been tied closely to annual sales. At the right timing, your leads will buy from you. You should be ready as a transaction happens at any time. Your leads are now better informed of all your content marketing activities. It’s not enough to let them buy solely. You need to design a memorable buying experience for them.

Re-selling To Your Loyal Customers

Re-selling to an existing customer has proven to be more cost-effective than getting a new customer. Customers who have experienced your product-or-service and felt satisfied, they are more likely to buy again from you. Use your content to develop digital automation and increase your buying circle. Leverage the power of content to create higher customer engagement.

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Generating Quality Inquiries To Your Business

There are numerous other ways to utilize content marketing for your business growth. If you have not used any of these inbound marketing tactics, just choose one and practice it for twelve months and trace the growth of your business.

Inbound marketing with various types of content has been tested to produce leads, increase sales, and impact your business growth. It’s more suitable for growing businesses, unlike outbound marketing which is costly and targeted at the mass audience.

Companies have gone marketing for years to reach their consumers using traditional marketing like cold calls and participating in exhibitions. These companies have failed to make an impact due to consumers can source for the solution at their fingertips. Online information can be reached easily at any time. Outbound marketing has not been successful in a big group of the market as they have become accustomed to all information. They have the capability to judge what you say.

Content marketing has devised a unique approach to convert advertisements into content to educate viewers. Their content marketing strategy is to connect with potential customers through articles and blog posts that will spark the interest of viewers.     

While inbound marketing fits any business that operates online, it is also an effective marketing strategy for a wide variety of organizations in various fields. Political campaigns have used inbound marketing frequently for their campaigns and videos that went viral. There are case studies of political campaigns with outstanding results delivered through social media, blogs, and interactive internet materials.

Content marketing is driven by the power of choice and interactivity. Viewers who are used to interactive pieces of content online will find interactive content more engaging.

How Do We Develop A Social Media Plan

When you pursue an ideal inbound marketing strategy, it involves three steps: Plan-Evaluate-Improve.

Every marketing strategy must begin with a plan. This is a crucial part of every action. We have to determine your goals in the stages of buying, whether for a product or service or any other desired outcome. Once we’ve devised the goal for your inbound marketing campaign, we must know how you are going to take the potential customer to the goal.

When we’ve established the plan it will be easier to evaluate the impact of the marketing materials. It is important to keep track of the statistics involved in marketing materials on a regular basis, such as the number of views a blog post receives, how many clicked on the sales page, and has sales increased since the launch of the campaign. It is useful to have short-term and long-term goals.

Our strategy must be revised when we’ve implemented our marketing plan and have collected data to determine its effectiveness. We can gather the information learned by this exercise to devise a stronger campaign. Maintaining good records is essential for the smooth running of your business and to enhance the learning process.

Content marketing referred to as inbound marketing helps your organization to generate higher quality leads. You have invested your money and time. Your money will be used for strategizing and content creation. Your valuable time will be used for meeting us on a regular basis to evaluate the results. 

Your investment is from RM15k and RM40k annually. We will also need 16 to 24 hours of your time per month. In return, you will attract high-quality leads to your business. Your sales team will be able to follow up on the leads accordingly.

Why Choose Posgi

At Posgi we are reliable, creative, and resourceful. We focus on your goal and solve your business challenges. We will create high-quality content designed specifically to fit only your organization instead of giving you a generic template. We will develop your content such as text, pictures, and videos for various platforms, not limited to website, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Content Marketing is ideal for those who want to see results over a given period of 1 to 2 years. To see fast and immediate results you will need Search Engine Marketing (SEM) service.

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