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Video has been critical for digital marketing over the past years. It has grown drastically from basic animations to live streaming and new social media formats. According to Wyzowl’s fourth annual State of Video Marketing Survey, 81% of companies use video for marketing purposes in 2018, compared to 63% in 2017. The average person watches 1.5 hours of video each day. 81% of individuals have purchased a product or service after watching a video. And 76% of marketers say the video has helped their company increase sales.

Today, an average consumer would find it difficult to avoid video content during a 24-hour day. It’s easy to see why videos are so trendy. It’s easy to understand. It gives your eyes a rest from the text and images we go through on a daily basis. The world apparently watches billion hours of YouTube social video per day.

60 percent of marketers say they use video as a core component in broader marketing strategies. Video on social media gives you an opportunity to leverage massive audiences and monetize attention. Social marketers, in particular, understand how powerful a video is as a marketing tool. Marketers need to know how to attract and retain a viewer’s attention. They have learned to integrate video into their content to be competitive.

Why Video?

Consumers like videos because it’s easy to understand, it’s entertaining and most engaging compared with other mediums like text and images. The social video actually generates 12 times more shares than text and images combined. But most importantly, videos give a higher return on investment (ROI) through many channels. Video today is the core of entire marketing strategies and businesses.

Videos are easily accessible to anyone who has internet access, to watch and produce. The trend is to go for higher quality video on a professional level. But anyone can tap their laptop and create their own video within an hour.

Types of Videos

Explainers can help educate people about your product or service. It can broadcast instructions, customer service activities, and many other applications.

Interviews can help to encourage conversation between various groups or showcase a special guest or influencer. If you’re promoting an expert in any field, you can re-use the audio and market it as a podcast.

Product reviews and demo videos can be conducted by brand ambassadors in exchange for free products. It will be a free advertisement for them and they can enhance their social following.

Live video is the best to get up close and personal with your audience, and it works well on social channels in particular.

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Using video in your marketing strategy

You now know how important video is to the sales process, let’s look at the interesting ways you can use it in your marketing strategy.

Live Video (Live Streaming)

The live video continues to grow in the marketplace. It is attractive to users and promotes authenticity. It’s economical as once the broadcast is over, it stays on the platform for promotional purposes. It increases views and quality of viewers.

Vertical & Square-Shaped Videos

Video formats are changing. It used to be horizontal shapes but phones and tablets have made square videos more popular.

E-Learning Videos

Product and service videos can be a powerful tool. Videos for e-learning can help you broadcast information to customers or prospects in a clear, visual way.

Sponsored Videos

Paid and sponsored videos can be highly profitable on social platforms such as Facebook and YouTube. To maximize ROI, you must measure your results and make the necessary adjustments if needed.

360-degree Videos

This is an interesting style of video shooting to show destinations, experiences, and products. People seem to engage more with 360-degree videos.

Video Funnels

You can journey your audience from awareness to consideration, to decision. Facebook and other platforms now allow you to build custom audiences based on behavior.

Winning Business Uses Videos

To inform and educate

Videos help customers to understand products as the choice is too wide in the marketplace. Buyers today do a quick internet search to find the best product in their neighborhood or even in the world. They will then proceed to order it online. Marketers need to approach audiences with a value-based offer instead of a sale. Videos give customers a close-up look at a product or service.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search engines love videos because they consider them as high-quality content. Using videos in various types of content as well as on your main web pages can work wonders for your SEO as long as they incorporate the right keywords.

Staying Competitive

Videos are ideal for getting all sorts of messages out there. A brief, interesting video can educate people on your particular product. By using storytelling and unique types of media you can easily catch people’s attention and hold it while they are entertained.

Getting Personal

Instagram Stories and Snapchat offer people intimate glimpses or short, personal glances of what you’re up to and they are great for creative tools. The interesting thing is that these videos are up for only 24-hours so that creates more of a real-time feel.

Boosting Conversions

Consumers who see a product in action via an explainer video will buy it. Landing pages are great places to place videos. A video is great for conversions on websites as they keep people around for long enough to look around on the site.

Ways to Use Video

Let’s look at some of the type of content your video can feature: company overview, big announcement, product/service demo, event promotion, customer testimonials, seasonal videos, and Q&A videos.

You have to figure out the ideal video length for your platform. Hubspot recommends that videos on Instagram should be 30 seconds, Twitter 45 seconds, Facebook 1 minute and YouTube 2 minutes. You can have a library of ideas stacked in YouTube which you can incorporate into various forms of content such as blogs and emails.

A good video needs to tell a good story in order to be memorable and to tap into people’s emotions. It comes down to personalized storytelling, without which video content is just noise and something to pass the time.

The video is one of the most popular content forms in the world. In an impersonal digital world, we’re craving connection and personality. We want to see and hear people in a real-life context. It’s one of the best ways to get up close and personal with your audience and give them a real glimpse of what you and your business or your clients are doing. Videos don’t have to be fancy or expensive to be effective. Some of the best videos will cost you very little time and money.

Our members are raving about the quality of the videos & just as importantly our team can’t stop talking about how caring & professional the team was with them during the shooting of the videos. Posgi team’s patience, advice & guidance were exemplary.

My sales team has been using video to show some customers. I’ve even impressed a customer so much he wanted to know how he could do it for his company.

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