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Founded in 2014, Posgi stands as a dynamic force in the world of visual storytelling. As a dedicated video agency, our mission goes beyond the ordinary. We specialize in helping brands articulate their unique stories, weaving compelling narratives that not only captivate but also contribute to achieving crucial business goals through the impactful medium of videos. More than service providers, we pride ourselves on being solution architects, tailoring our expertise to address the distinctive needs of each client. Join us at Posgi, where innovation meets storytelling, and every video is a strategic step toward your brand’s success.”


At Posgi, video first means making video an essential part of your marketing strategy. By capitalizing on video’s ability to tell stories, we’re able to create powerful video content that resonates with your target audience and drives conversions. Our team of video experts will work with your marketing team to develop video-driven campaigns that are tailored to achieving your objectives.


Data-driven decision-making is an integral part of our strategy. We understand that data can be used to inform and refine our campaigns, allowing us to make decisions based on facts rather than assumptions. With data-driven insights, we’re able to create efficient and effective marketing strategies that deliver results for our clients. Our team will leverage data from a variety of sources in order to develop targeted campaigns that achieve your objectives.


Our goal is to help you achieve your performance objectives by taking a results-focused approach. We look for innovative ways to increase performance, from optimizing the production process to leveraging data-driven insights. Our team of performance experts will work with your marketing team to develop campaigns that deliver measurable results.

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