Game-Changing Elements to Help Your F&B Retail Stand Out

Are you ready to learn the game-changing elements that can help your F&B retail stand out? In this video, learn from the expert, Ivy Hew, advice of a retail consultant with decades of experience in the F&B retail industry.

Pitfalls to avoid in F&B Industry

The biggest challenge faced in F&B business is finding the right value customer. People mostly start businesses to make money, but the right people are essential – not just recruiting people who say they know what they do.

Women in the workforce

Irene has been in business for the last 35 years and has been able to achieve many successes. What she aspires to do is influence and inspire people with her own experiences.

Engaging millennials in the workplace

Michael Teoh, the founder of Thriving Talents discusses the popular misconception that millennials are slackers. Michael who works with Fortune 500 companies and startups, provides context to us, as he himself is a millennial, and his organization helps companies to attract, engage and best understand the most influential workforce in the world today.

Maximize your day – juggling the workload

Dr. Venga, a seasoned veteran in the area of time management and accomplished business consultant, elaborates how we should view time. Time, he says, was there first and so we should move together with it or else lose it.